Modern website and Social media marketing of a fancy beach bar & restaurant

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01. The Beginning

The complex project of Bamboo beach food & music includes a complete makeover of their old website, Facebook and Instagram profiles. The new vision should be responsive to the image of the client as a modern, elegant beach bar & restaurant with growing popularity.

Challenge #1

02. Distinctive style and vision

The biggest challenge was to distinguish the style and impact of Bamboo Beach bar from those of the major competitors in the branch. We’ve accomplished that by combining all sorts of visual impact that we could think of – from stylish billboards, adverts, social media campaigns and high-quality photo shootings to a video shooting with a drone from a bird’s eye view of the beach and the bar.

Challenge #2

03. Social Media Marketing

The challenge for the future is to create an interesting and up-to-date content in the social media, on order to increase customers’ attention and responsiveness. Daily unique posts, special events announcements and a real-time connection with followers are some of the tools we use to keep the interest high.

"We truly appreciate your business, and we are so much grateful for the work, you have done for us. I hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you for many years to come."

Georgi M.Bamboo Beach Food & Music Owner
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