Website + Mobile app designed to help users find used books

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01. The Beginning

Because of high textbook prices in the UK, a group of ex-students there got the idea to make life easier for new students by providing an online platform for buying and selling old textbooks, that were no longer needed by their owners.

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02. Real-time connections

The project incorporates both Apple and Android APPs. Users also have the option to use the online website, which connects everyone and manages the sales and users’ interactions. They can upload textbooks with pictures and descriptions and instantly share the items with everyone else, who can search for them via the APP or website.

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03. Reliabilty

BookBound acts as a mediator that guarantees the payments between users, by keeping the payment until the purchaser marks the item as received by letting the seller scan a specific barcode with their phone or by marking the item as received. Within a few seconds of that action, the funds are released and the seller is notified of this.






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"Thanks to CREATIZMO, we've just launched our awesome website and app! Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results."

Ishan D.BookBound CEO
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