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01. The Beginning

Hike+Bike – a German magazine for outdoor sports and equipment, came up with the idea of adding an online store to their business, wishing to provide a great variety of products for hiking, trekking, mountain-climbing, rafting etc. for their customers. The key feature of this huge online store was the fact that by combining some of Germany’s biggest retailers for outdoor sports equipment, Hike+Bike will make it much easier for the end-customers to find all they need in a single web store.

Challenge #1

02. 100 000+ products

The first challenge that we at CREATIZMO faced was to create a content management system (CMS) that can hold up to 100 000+ products. One of the key features of the online store was a system that can update automatically the site’s database by extracting data and info from the selected retailers.

Challenge #2

03. Visual appeal vs. Performance

CREATIZMO faced the challenge to create an online shopping portal, based on a pre-designed theme without losing visual appeal. Using Magento, we kept the balance between visual sophistication and an impressive number of products.






Products listing

“If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – the guys from CREATIZMO got you covered. HIKE+BIKE Outdoor & Bike-Shop was the best investment I ever made. You guys rock! Just what I was looking for.”

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