Aggregator for airline, hotel, car rental, sport and entertainment event reservations

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01. The Beginning

TraBase is an aggregator, that communicates through web services with various GDS and provides the opportunity to make airline, hotel, car rental, or event reservations.

Premier Tours American Express received a good reference for CREATIZMO. They needed a new company to take over the essential maintenance and further development, such as implementation of new features and services.

Challenge #1

02. Migration with Zero downtime

The general deployment process consists of several interrelated activities with possible transitions between them. The TraBase system should not be down, or unstable and inaccessible during the migration period. We should avoid any case of potential loss of sales or database.

The challenge here was to migrate the system to our infrastructure without any (or minimal) downtime. We have optimized the system performance and carried out the deployment of the new developments in a real time.

Challenge #2

03. Redundancy & Reliability

The highest priority – service redundancy is ensured by using a state of the art cluster system. Therefore, we should include additional components that are not absolutely necessary for functioning, but very important in case of failure of other components.

The reliability of this project is a big challenge for our sustained work. No reservations should be lost or incorrectly marked as unpaid. The customer should be notified by a written confirmation on each step of the booking process.


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"CREATIZMO guys are very professional and reliable, excellent communication through-out the process. They checked everything thoroughly and kept me informed. I will definitely keep working with this company in the future as well and can highly recommend them for their fast, qualified and efficient work."

Nikola N.Business Development Manager
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