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01. The Beginning

As a well-known and trusted partner, we were given the opportunity to expand the web-presence of a good partner of ours – Hotel Perla Lozenetz. The client’s idea was quite simple – a new website with an integrated system for online room reservation. After a few meetings the initial quite simple idea expanded into a vast multi-purpose system, allowing the hotel owners to get more accountability, better control over the staff and supervision on their actions.

Challenge #1

02. Real-time connections

Elegant service is a key priority for the owners of Perla Lozenetz and the website will help to deliver a consistent and high-quality experience for their clients. They wanted a web presence that highlights their offerings and helps them grow their revenue by enhancing all aspects of the reservation process. That’s why the system should have many key features such as: Integrated online room reservation, Control on INHOVA intelligent hotel access, Real-time Wi-Fi MikroTIK router management and monitoring, Real-time management reporting and many more.

Challenge #2

03. Simplicity & Functionality

CREATIZMO were charged with designing and integrating both visually similar website for the hotel and an admin panel for the staff where all the reservations will be held and controlled. Combining luxurious colors and a photographic palette with refined typography, we created a website true to the elegance of Perla Lozenetz.






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"After implementing the Hotel Reservation System in my website, my business skyrocketed! The Hotel Reservation System has got everything I need."

Kaloyan P.Perla Lozenetz Hotel owner
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